Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry Services in Midtown East, New York, NY

Through family dentistry, you and your loved ones can all receive the same high level of care. These services are available from Yev Davydov, DDS, Gregory Shank, DDS, and Brianna Davydov, DDS, and the team at Chroma Dental in the Midtown, Manhattan area of New York City. We pride ourselves ina. wide variet of services from children and adults alike. We have a great reputation for providing Restorative and Preventative dentistry on children and young adults, orthodontics by a Board Certified Orthodontist and wisdom teeth removal by a Board Certified Oral Surgeon. If you’d like to explore available cosmetic and restorative dentistry services as well as any general and preventative dental services on children and adults of all ages, call today to book a visit, or schedule online in just moments.  

Family Dentistry Q&A

What kinds of services are included within family dentistry?

Family dentistry covers all of the routine care you need to maintain a healthy smile throughout your life. Preventive care is a central focus and strives to avoid dental health issues before they develop. 

Comprehensive dental exams and digital imaging help your dentist check for early signs of dental decay and gum disease, as well as sleep apnea screening. These visits also give you insight into how to boost your at-home dental hygiene routines. 

Restorative dentistry works to correct dental decay and damage when necessary, as well as  gum disease. Diagnostic tools like digital X-rays and cone beam CT scanning help guide your treatment planning. Fillings, root canals, night guards, crowns, and bridges are all part of restorative care. 

While not all dentists choose to offer cosmetic dentistry as part of their practice, the team at Chroma Dental feels strongly that feeling confident about the appearance of your smile is important. That’s why they offer the full scope of modern cosmetic treatment options. 

What if I need to see a specialist?

The team at Chroma Dental brings a wealth of experience to the practice and can address most dental health needs. Our family dentistry practice proudly offers a one-stop-shop for dental health, including complex treatment needs. 

However, if you ever need to work with a specialist, your family dentist can help you find the best practitioner for the job. Once your specialized care ends, your Chroma Dental practitioner updates your personal dental record as needed and ensures continuity of care. 

How often should I come in for family dentistry visits?

Most people benefit from coming in for routine dental exams every six months. This timing ensures your dentist has the opportunity to detect areas of concern before they advance to more serious damage. Oral cancer screenings, fluoride application, and sealants can all help keep your smile healthy. 

If you need treatment for various issues you may need to come in more often until the matter is resolved. Then you can return to routine exams twice a year. If other members of your family choose to work with the Chroma Dental team for family dentistry services, booking those visits on the same day is often possible. Just call or click to get started.